Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Experts Expect Home Price Declines In 2011

We've recently posted on 2011's projected home price declines, here and here.

Sell Now, say some, before prices go down any more.

US News and World Report Chief Says Home Prices Will Decline For Years - zero hedge
S&P Warns House Prices Will Decline For Several Years Due to Shadow Inventory - MarketWatch
Analysts Expect Prices to Fall Another 10% - Property Wire
Home Prices Will Decline 5-10% - Calculated Risk
Without More Government Intervention, 11.5 Million Mortgage Holders Will Be In Danger of Losing Their Homes - Diana Olick, Realty Check

Home Prices Will Decline Another 20%: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital.  Below is the BI highlights.  To access the entire article, Google this phrase:  WSJ:Why Home Prices Are Still Too High

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