Thursday, February 3, 2011

Overpriced Housing Market Blamed For a Decade of Declining Enrollment in Charlottesville City Schools

Former CAAR prez Greg Slater said, "It can be challenging in those price points above the condominium, but below the $400,000 or $500,000 range, if you are looking for a home."

Enrollment has declined 12% since 2001 in the City; it has risen 5% in Albemarle County.  The national median price for a single family home in 2010 was $165k.  In Charlottesville, the median price in December 2010 was $310k.  Read.


Greg Slater said...

I found the school enrollment numbers very interesting. I was in a meeting last week were it was indicated that 222 families have now relocated to this area to work for NGIC/DIA. 44% chose Albemarle and 6% chose the city. Greene County was in the low 20% range. Its tough to draw conclusions but interesting nonetheless. Based on the source, I assume these numbers were accurate.

John Doe said...

Interesting #'s. Makes sense, though. Trying to get to NGIC on 29N or Rio Road adds far too much time to the workday, ioho. Trying to commute from eastern Cville (N downtown, Belmont, Mill Creek, Lake Reynovia etc)will get even more difficult with the "affordable" County housing development currently under construction, as well as with Belvedere's apartment complex, which breaks ground soon.

A few questions

Your numbers = about 70%. Was data just unavailable for the other 30%?

Of the 222 relocating families, any idea how many have bought (thus far)?


Greg Slater said...

These numbers came to me via the Albemarle County School Superintendant's office after a meeting with NGIC/DIA leadership. I did not get any additional information regarding the other 30% and I don't have any information regarding how many are renting and how many are buying.