Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sperry Marine Axes 60 Workers in Albemarle County

As it announced it would in March, Northrop Grumman's Sperry Marine has given the pink slip to 60 workers at its Albemarle facility.  These were well-paying, highly skilled engineering jobs, which are hard to come by in this area.

Recently, a local biotech company announced it intends to hire in a couple of years (according to the DP) and there's a projection of 1,700 construction jobs between now and 2014 for the "Shops at Stonefield," in addition to a projection of 700 retail and hotel service jobs upon full build out.

Otherwise, the outlook remains the same here as in the US: good jobs vanish, and the ones that do come to this area are not "career" type but lower-paying service sector jobs (retail, food prep and service, unskilled labor, etc.).  NGIC has jobs: but the majority of those jobs don't go to "locals."

More Local Jobs Vanish - C'ville Area Unemployment Was 3% in 2008
Nat'l Unemployment Rises to 9% / 15.6

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