Thursday, August 18, 2011

Greene County: July's Median Price Drops 23%, Sales Plunge 48%

This data is for detached, single family homes:

July 2010 median sold price  was $261,500.
July 2011 median was $203,213.

Median price down 23% over last year.
Completed sales plunged 48% from June to July (30 to 16).

Similarly, City of Charlottesville sales dropped 42%, and Albemarle County sales dropped 43%.

Total sales thru end of July for both years in Greene are roughly even.  But as seen by contracts in July, sales are slowing.

In rosier news, DIA/NGIC has given Greene County a huge tax revenue boost: +35.76% with folks frequenting the new Walmart, Lowes, Dunkin' Donuts, etc.

Image copyright and via Charlottesville Real Estate Talk.


greene county man said...

and every penny of that sales tax increase that Greene is receiving is taken out of sales tax receipts that Albermarle used to receive.

money money money said...

And which Albemarle County BOS and the TJPED was sure would contribute to Albemarle. Not.

Homebuyers are saying No to Albemarle County because you can't get there from here.

Here being Albemarle County and there being NGIC.

Good work on improving traffic, Albemarle! Look what it lost! $$$$$$$$$$$