Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Low Education Expectations? Virginia is #5 On This Embarrassing List From A National Website

There are explanations given for why No Child Left Behind isn't a good Fed guideline --SOL, anybody?  Nevertheless,  61% of Va's schools and 97% of divisions did not make Adequate Yearly Progress--including many in this area.

Even if the explanations for failure are reasonable, this kind of list is embarrassing and has the potential to drop home values further. 

However, we live in a cute college town.

Other awful lists Virginia is on:
#9 on list of homeowners who owe more than the house is worth
#2 for $ from Federal Gov't...which means austerity is coming our way

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Art Nesten said...

Expectations and standards are important, but part of the problem is that the standards used are in dispute, which is why this part from the article is important to note:

"Although Virginia has set very low standards for state exams on reading and math, the state’s students perform above average on national tests."

It is similar to Kansas in having low standards, but relatively high actual achievement according to national test measures.