Friday, August 19, 2011

Uh-Oh...Virginia is #2 on List of 50 States in Relying on Federal Funding

From The Washington Post:
"The debt-ceiling deal promises that major federal spending cuts are coming, whether or not the congressional "supercommittee" comes up with a deal.  Big federal cuts will invariably squeeze the states, which rely on fereal funds for roughly a third of their spending.  And states that rely most heavily on federal funding could be hit hardest by the Budget Control Act." [ added italics]
The article also notes that states with most reliance on federal spending could also see credit ratings cut--Moody's has already put Virginia on notice.

Read the full article here.  Get the US Census Bureau report in pdf.  Image below is from report.

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Art Nesten said...

On the plus side, there's a decent degree for enthusiasm for Buy Local, especially for food.

Hopefully this trend will continue so that our communities will become more robust.