Wednesday, September 7, 2011

UPDATE - 1320 Kenwood Lane - 2009 Asking Price: $1.1M. 2011 Selling Price: $565K.

Whatever happened to 1320 Kenwood Lane, Charlottesville?   In  October 2009 we wondered How Do You Put a Price On a Labor of Love?  This was after the price had already been reduced.   

The house finally found new owners for 49% less than the original asking price: $1.1M to $565k in July 2011, after being on the market for over 2 years.  This awesome house has always attracted a lot of notice, and was featured in Cville Abode.

This house in the Greenbrier neighborhood appeared is nestled among brick ranchers, convenient to the 250 Byp and the new Whole Foods and, one day, the City's portion of the MeadowCreek Parkway.

1320 Kenwood Lane
4 beds/2 baths, 3170 sq feet

Some Price History:
Prior April 2009 : $1.1M
Prior to May 2009 - $998K
June 2009 -  $899.9K
October - $799k

The house was relisted in 2010 and in 2011, and it changed real estate agencies as well.

City Assessment: 
This is a number that essentially gives zero information on the individual property, and is largely irrelevant to buyers.

2009: $408k 
2011: $526k

Photo: City property records.

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