Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hanley Wood, Which Recently Profiled C'ville As "Healthy" Housing Market, Axes "Big Builder"

The WSJ reports, "With no meaningful housing recovery expected any time soon," the publisher Hanley Wood is shuttering an offshoot of Builder, "Big Builder" magazine, which "chronicled the housing frenzy and the worst downturn in decades."

Hanley Wood is the entity behind "Builder Online," which declared C'ville the '6th healthiest market in the US" based on its projections for building permits in 2012.  Charlottesville's local paper, The Daily Progress, picked up the story and banner-headlined it.  But even Realtors were shocked to hear this "news."

The WSJ gives the grim national stats about new housing construction in the US: about 300,000 new homes are being built per year now, the lowest since records started being kept in 1963, after peaking at 1.3 million in 2005Locally, the number of new homes for sale has dropped 75% since 2006.  READ at the WSj.

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