Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UPDATED: #OccupyCville Occupies Charlottesville City Council - Decision About Continuing Encampment at Lee Park is Deferred to Unspecified Date

UPDATE: The group has until Tuesday, Nov. 29 to make a decision on a new location and to vacate Lee Park.

Original Post: The local Occupy Wall Street encampment has a permit to remain overnight in Lee Park near the City Courthouse in the middle of Downtown.  The permit expires on November 26.  On Nov. 21, about 100 supporters crowded Council chambers, and nearly 50 people spoke, all but four in support of continuing the encampment, which is part of the most widespread US political movement of the 21st Century.  At the moment, Council has, as per Graham Moomaw of The DP,  deferred the decision, and is calling for more dialogue. 

It seems Council understands that the most liberal city in Virginia can't say no to the movement: but they haven't found the ways and means, yet, by which to say yes. As NBC29's Dannika Lewis reports, Mayor Dave Norris commented "...Is the movement stronger than the park? ....I think it's clear that it is."  And Councilor Kristin Szakos said, "I think that free speech doesn't expire at 11 o'clock.  It doesn't expire at Thanksgiving."

This blog aggregated the live tweeting. Read tweets from Nov. 21, which include Re-Tweets from Occupiers: Aimee Fausser and Shannon Harrington and Bob BrighamSupporter: UVA professor John Edwin Mason.  Journalists: The Hook's Hawes Spencer; The DP's Graham Moomaw; NBC29's Dannika Lewis; Charlottesville Tomorrow's Sean Tubbs; and a journo from C-Ville Weekly.

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