Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paradigm Shift: We're Not Going to See "Recovery" - It Will Be Something Else

If not recovery, then what? We need another term to define the new US paradigm.  

We're seeing a shift in the economy, and a shift in work.  What's done is done, and apparently can't be undone.  And it's the #OWS folks who are telling us this now in the streets, in cities all over the country--and the world. 

What about the Charlottesville Area?  We're all connected; but our market is a little behind others' "corrections."   Charlottesville Area is seeing more severe home price declines than other markets on a national basis.  

"Recovery" - this blog has been engaged in a discussion w/Realtors about "recovery."
Then the conversation moved to Twitter: see here and here and here.

Now Jim Duncan has a post up about "Recovery."  And this blog has embedded his video, below.

What should we talk about instead of "Recovery?" Stability would be good.  The knowledge that a home is not an investment.  The realization that it's a place to feel comfortable and express your habits, tastes, and predilections.  And to raise the kids and (possibly) retire.  Stopping the bleeding of foreclosures and negative equity.  Coming to the knowledge of now.

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